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Social Search is Good for Business

When I tell people—VCs included—that we made a social search tool for Twitter, I get a lot of head scratching. People say, “Sounds interesting, but I don’t do a lot of social search.” Hey, I get it. It’s true for … Continue reading

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Google search != social search != social listening

If you’re reading my blog, I’m assuming you’re a nerd and so that headline makes sense. If you’re not a nerd, welcome. Here’s what it means: Google search is not the same as social search, which is not the same … Continue reading

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Google has entered The Uncanny Valley

Google’s latest developments in search have been all-the-buzz in my corner of the world these last 24 hours. If you missed it, here’s how Google describes it: “With personal results, you’ll see relevant tips, photos, and posts from your friends … Continue reading

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My hope for #newNewTwitter

Twitter seems simple to most. As in, it’s just 140 characters, stupid. But anyone who’s tried to explain Twitter knows that behind that simple notion is a very complicated value proposition. The early days of Twitter were marred by skeptics … Continue reading

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Twitter litter

Anyone who has a Twitter account knows that twittering into the void gets old fast. And by twittering into the void, I mean, twittering without anyone responding. It’s somewhere in between having an IM conversation with yourself and having a … Continue reading

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Modernista! reinvents the online agency brochure

I’ve been impressed by agency web sites before, but never have I been truly inspired by one … until now. Modernista! has opened its kimono, as it were, by cobbling together the so-called web 2.0 web sites that could feature … Continue reading

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