Hey, I’m Brad Noble. I’m the founder and product designer of PostPost, which for a time too short [1] was a powerful social search engine focused on surfacing the tremendous value lost below the fold of your Twitter timeline.

Despite being incubated in lowly Waltham, MA, we were warmly welcomed by the Internet. PostPost was dubbed Twitter Search Done Right by the good folks at ReadWriteWeb, which is a heckuva headline. We’ve also been recognized by TheNextWebNetted by the WebbysZDNetBostInnovation, and MITX (we were finalists for the Innovation Awards in 2011), among others.

I’m pumped about those mentions, though mentions from inspired users like this one really get me going:

And this mention from esteemed NYTimes writer David Carr brought a ton of new users and other mentions:

A little Tweet, big enough to bring our service down. More on LinkedIn

I’ve taken a real interest in social search as a result of my work on PostPost; this blog has become a sounding board for my thoughts on the subject. I parleyed one of my posts, Google Has Entered The Uncanny Valley, into an interview on TechCrunchTV. In the interview we discuss the Web and social search paradigms, and the apparent downsides of forcing them together.

Here’s the TechCrunchTV interview:

Other bits and bobs…


A couple years ago I ran The NYC Marathon. As a part of that, I cooked up a sponsor-a-mile campaign to help a nearby family-in-need featured on SmallCanBeBig.org, a Boston-area charity site I helped design. I’m proud to say that together with my sponsors, we were able to fund that family’s near-term financial need.

Here’s a look at the marathon campaign landing page:

Bolstered by the success of this experiment, we applied the same campaign model to a handful of other families on the site—each of them was successful in helping a family achieve their near-term financial goals. Today, changes are underway at SmallCanBeBig.org to make campaigns like these possible for anyone who wants to help local families in need. And you don’t have to run a marathon to participate.


More word-of-mouth about PostPost…


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