Twitter litter

twitter-bradnoble.pngAnyone who has a Twitter account knows that twittering into the void gets old fast. And by twittering into the void, I mean, twittering without anyone responding. It’s somewhere in between having an IM conversation with yourself and having a blog with no readers. (I had 83 page views yesterday. WOO HOO!) To my friends who have Twitter accounts, who are following me, and whom I follow, let us each muster up the requisite watt of brainpower and feed this thing with our twitter litter, lest we leave the content of this stretch of the Albert Arnold Gore Jr. Information Superhighway to other travelers, who are offloading less interesting trash.

Friends! Deal with my twitter litter, and I’ll deal with yours!

cmadden, mxmaione and petetschudy: you have iPhones. You have no excuse.


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2 Responses to Twitter litter

  1. Welcome to the sphere. Nothing like a skeptical voice to add a little spice to the craven utopian web 2.0 soup.
    keep it coming big boy

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